April Fools

      I never liked April Fool’s Day.
      Pranks always seem mean and ill-spirited to me, even when they aren’t.
      With the advent of the internet, there are always lots of pranks and fake-outs and just, ugh, lies. One year, my favorite website posted that it was closing. And then IT DID! *sob*
      I hate “screamers”. You know, someone sends you a YouTube video about something awesome and you forget its April 1st, so you click the link and then, 30 seconds into this video a nasty (usually from the Exorcist!) face pops on the screen accompanied by a horrifically LOUD scream designed to scare the poo out of you. Evil things.
      I hate fake pregnancies. I hate fake break-ups. I hate- oh gosh, this is getting to be a real bitch piece, isn’t it? Anyway – the point is, most people’s April Fools are mean-spirited and I do not approve!
      May Day is so much nicer. Anonymous flowers on the door knob, ding-ding-ditch! So sweet.
      The only ‘good’ thing that ever came out of April Fools (to my, admittedly very limited, knowledge) is the birth of a pretty awesome gal – Hasalyn (Harris) Modine.
      We weren’t great friends (I was shy, fat, and too scared to even approach the A-list) back in the schoolyard, but I always admired her. Pretty, popular, smart, and never afraid to be a wee bit on the geeky side (what girl is a Cheerleader, an Honor Student, a Band Nerd, AND in some less-than-cool clubs?). Now she (presently expecting her first child, which is sure to be abominably adorable, like both she and her husband) is a successful modern woman living the good life in Southern Cali with two cats, several chickens, and the aforementioned handsome-as-heck husband.
      Anyway – every time April Fools rolls around and people get crazy stupid with their dumb “jokes”, I just remind myself that once upon a time, her parents had to call all their friends and family on April 1st to announce the arrival of their daughter.
      I imagine there were plenty of ‘Yeah, rights’ going on.
      Happy Birthday to Hassie and Happy April Fool’s Day to the rest of you. Promise me you won’t be dicks about it. Please?

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “clown” by (vidici) from SXC.hu

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