Happy Potato

      Bringing an oldie back to the front page today, to celebrate the fortieth – I mean, twenty-nineth – birthday of my platonic soulmate, Timothy “Happy Potato” Fields.
      This is as accurate and relevant today as it was when I wrote it several years back and I love you even more today than I did then.
      I hope you have the best birthday ever, my sweet, funny, INCONCEIVABLE Happy Potato. You deserve everything underneath the sun.

      One part ice cream.
      One part crunchy cookie bits.
      One part creamy drizzle.
      One part chopped nut or crushed candy or fruit or…
      Sugalard is our creation, and it is very much a reflection of us. Our relationship.
      One part blood-relation.
      One part kindred spirits.
      One part shared loves.
      One part laughter.
      And a dash of awesome.
      That’s us. A conglomeration of love and giggles and memories spanning decades. We are sugalard.
      Distance is not easy for any one, friends or loved ones, but for besties and sisties who can’t fly to hang out on a whim, who can no longer sit on the couch and play video games until they pass out… it is really just the worst.
      But we are still writing together and we are still writing TO each other, longhand letters that mean something, and whenever we get to hug each other it will be as if we still hang out on the regular.
      We are sweet, we are salty, and no matter what weird bits we mix together, you and I are always awesome. Yup, it is true.
      Tim, you and I, we are SUGALARD.
      Oh, by the by… Happy Birthday!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “sugalard” by me

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