Love is Love

      You might have noticed that the icon for this entry was in color. First one of its kind. Well, I haven’t posted much of by way of rants on this new blog yet, but maybe its time.
      Presently in the good ol’ US of A, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US, for those who don’t live on jargon and acronyms) is hearing cases involving marriage equality. Their decision on these matters could either be a huge boon or massively stymie the progress of the movement.
      What I don’t understand is why any one objects to gay marriage?
      Let’s look at some common objections…
      The Bible says it is BAD! Well, okay. But not everyone believes in the same God/Holy Book/etc. Since we’re not living in a theocracy and we have freedom of religion in the USA – there is no valid legal reason to prohibit it by the law of the land.
      Gay couples are sinners and are going straight to Hell! Uh, yeah. We just addressed that. If God wants to send ’em to Hell after death, that’s fine. But we aren’t God down here, so why should we prevent people from a basic human right by pretending to know His will? P.S. We’re all sinners, according to the Bible, so… yeah.
      Marriage is about procreation. So, if you can’t have kids, you shouldn’t be able to get married? Uh, you’re going to deny people the chance to spend their lives together, sharing a love and the experience of life, because they cannot have babies? That’s just about the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Infertility is (generally speaking) not a choice and between surrogacy and adoption, there is no reason a couple, gay or straight, cannot raise a family if they wish.
      Gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage! How? I have never yet heard any single good ‘reason’ for this one. Frankly, society at large does a fine job of fucking up the so-called sanctity of marriage. I won’t tick off the famous couples with their spur-of-the-moment marriages and divorces, the every day joes sleeping with everyone BUT their spouses, rampant cyber cheating, just… everything.
      Yes, some gay marriages will result in divorce. Of course they will. But since some people will get divorced, does that mean no one should be able to marry? No. That’s silly. Two consenting adults decide to get married. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out. That’s no reason to ban EVERYONE from doing it. Sheesh.
      If we let them fags & dykes marry, what’s next? Marrying goats? Marrying buildings? Pedophiles marrying kids?
      Two consenting adults who just happen to both have penises or both have vaginas. You can equate that to marrying an animal? Or an inanimate object? Or worse, with pedophilia?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK is wrong with you? Are you pulling my leg? Please tell me you’re pulling my leg.
      This argument against marriage equality is really the one that sticks in my craw. It is so ignorant – so willfully ignorant – and so very hateful that I just can’t even speak. I just sputter and curse and have to hold back my physical rage lest I fall to the urge to beat sense into their fool heads.
      Anyway – no, if we “allow” (and oh, how I hate that patronizing turn of phrase) gays to marry people will not start marrying beasts or inanimate objects or anime characters (no more than they do right now anyway) – none of which can consent. And don’t get me started on the pedophilia issue. Children cannot legally give consent either and being gay is (and let me make this abundantly fucking clear) NOT THE SAME THING AS BEING A PEDOPHILE! Being a dude who loves dudes or a chick who loves chicks or a dude or a chick who loves both dudes and chicks, or neither, absolutely does not equate to being a pedophile.
      Got that? Moving on.
      Homosexuality is unnatural. Also, homosexuality is a modern invention. Nope, wrong again. There are plenty of examples of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Did you know that many swan pairings are two males in a bonded couple that bring in a female to lay eggs for them, then drive her away and hatch the chicks themselves? Yeah. Look it up.
      Giraffes also, are known to be prone to male-on-male love – starting with necking and caressing and moving all the way to boom-chicka-bow-wow. Many varieties of monkeys also, demonstrate examples of female-on-female pairs and sexual behavior.
      Some people will say that homosexuality must be unnatural because – again, it cannot result in childbearing. Well, that’s true, yet it doesn’t stop those swans I mentioned, does it? And frankly, common sense suggests that evolution would breed out traits that are entirely detrimental or which absolutely never result in procreation. Right? If a species can’t breed, it doesn’t survive. So, traits that make breeding impossible would either be weeded out or the species would vanish. Humans (and all those others which exist) are not extinct, are we? To my eye, that means that there must be some benefit to the species. I don’t know what it is (aside from some really awesome people I’ve known personally) but I think it must exist.
      Of course, that argument won’t hold water with folks who don’t acknowledge evolution, but…whatevs.
      As far as it being a modern invention – there are references to it going back to the dawn of recorded history. Hell, thumpers state all the time how God being anti-gay is in the Bible. If it existed when Jesus was around, chances are it existed before him and has ever since him as well. Sadly, common sense doesn’t always apply.
      …was that bitchy?
      Sorry, I get that way when its late and I have wasted a thousand words trying to wrap my brain around hate and ignorance and judgement and prejudice. Also, when the puppy keeps me distracted by needing to go out and pee every ten minutes… *sigh* That’s a tale for another time.
      Just had to get that off my chest.
      For me, it boils down to one thing. Love is Love. And we need more Love in this world, to counter all the bloody hate.

Signed, Josie

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