Quoth the Josie

      Blogging is in my blood, man. I’ve been doing it (sorta) all my life.
      You see, I started writing in a diary when I was about seven, and kept a series of them religiously until middle school. Then, the tragic reading of some entries aloud (without permission) by a dear friend soured me on the whole thing and despite my love of words… I didn’t keep a journal for several years.
      It wasn’t until the advent of the interwebs that I started journalling again. Freshman-ish year of college, Fall 1998, when I was blissfully sharing my cousin-slash-BFF’s farmhouse off-campus and learning how to build websites (Tripod.com, yeah, I was there), I discovered that a body could keep a diary online. Oh, I didn’t start one then, but I remember reading a fellow gamer-geek’s “blog” and thinking, I could do that.
      Eventually, I did. I started by just organizing a series of pages on my sad little website, various thoughts and rants. A couple of them, I remember thinking, were pretty witty and/or profound. Especially one I wrote in the aftermath of Columbine. I graduated to a webservice (like LiveJournal) whose name I cannot recall.

(EDIT: I can’t believe I found it… DiaryLand.com is still up & running.)

      That was fun, sort of, but some drama happened and a guy I had no business falling in love with anyway, broke my widdle-Josie-heart (from 3000 miles away, natch). Then I met my ex-fiancé and who has time for blogging when you’ve got a flesh-and-blood person to snog?
      Just before that ended (but long after it had already ceased to be a relationship), I registered my first domain. Solitary-Confinement(dot)com, that was how I felt at the time and it sure sounded cool to me. Blah blah blah. Break-up happened. New boyfriend. Cross-country move. Yada yada. I was not much of a daily blogger and always felt as if I had nothing to say – I wasn’t an expert in anything and my life was pretty dull – so I closed the last iteration of S-C(dot)com in 2010.
      For a writer, that’s pretty painful. I needed another outlet – and journalling by hand just wasn’t cutting it. So, I finally settled on my pen name, registered a domain for her, and started blogging about ‘the process’. But, not quite a year went by, and I sputtered out again. I like to blame life – you know, NaNoWriMo in November, the job thing in December (plus, broke-ass wedding planning), the post-wedding-debacle/Mom-was-visiting month of January, and then I blinked and February was over so… Excuses Excuses.
      I decided that it was damn well time to start a personal blog again. Get the things in my head out of it, so I have less distraction when it comes time to write. Write fiction, I mean. Didn’t I mention that? I’m a writer. I write. I author. I compose. I scribe (scribble?).
      I. Am. A. Writer.
      So, even though my blogging history isn’t stellar – though this post is increasingly long-winded – this time is different. This time, I’m sticking with it. This time, I’ve got actual STUFF to talk about!

Signed, Josie

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