I have been thinking a lot about Daddy these past couple of days, as is customary around the anniversary of his birth and his death, and about how much I miss him.
      How much I wish he were here to meet his precious little grandson, Malakai, and both of his awesome son-in-laws.
      I know firsthand now, what Mom went through the time Dad had pains (post-heart attack) and we had to take him to the hospital and the not knowing and the worry. I wish he had gotten himself together after those incidents, so he could still be with us today.
      Its funny the things that stay with you. When Dad had his heart attack and we went to the hospital, even though he was so pale and obviously sick afterward, I never doubted he would be fine. He was so big and strong and invincible. He would bounce back, of course, he was my Daddy.
      We did get another ten years with him, but they weren’t all great times… I know that, and in retrospect, I understand a lot more than I did at the time.
      He had his faults, I know he did, but when I look back these days – sixteen years later – all I can remember is his smile, chair-dancing at the pizza place, how tight he hugged me, that great laugh he had, the smell of English Leather and Black Velvet, and how much he loved me… us, all three of us girls.
      I still love and miss him.
Signed, Josie


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