An Inauspicious Beginning, Part Two

      Today’s snippet, titled “An Inauspicious Beginning”, is a piece I wrote about my current character, Ava Blue-Elk, to sort of demonstrate her experiences with a major in-game event.
      Be forewarned, there are mature themes and naughty language below.
– – – – – – – – – – –
      Wish Richard and Will had been chosen to come along… she thought, sprawled out on her back with an old bedroll beneath her. At least I’d have someone to talk to… It was quiet on third watch – Zehavah and Rouff were stalking silently around the perimeter and Erin moved amongst the pack animals ensuring their safety. After those glowing eyes in the darkness had spooked them all and caused such a ruckus during the first watch, those on each shift were taking extreme caution to keep the mounts secure and calm.
      If only Richard hadn’t broken his danged foot helping Bren out in the melee. He probably would have been chosen, maybe… She frowned a little, recalling the horrible crunch the bones of his foot had made when some fellow’s weighted mace landed squarely upon it. Richard had been doing fairly well for himself – better than Will, who had been so hung over he could barely lift his arm, let lone the leaded wooden sword. There was no doubt that Richard was unlikely to fight again. The clerics on-hand had done their best, but the cost of a spell to fix it properly was well beyond the reach of a penniless Miller’s son. When I come back to Restov, I’ll have coin to spare and I’ll make sure Richard walks again. His prospects are even worse than they were back in New Stetven. Then again, Sharla had no trouble finding work in an alehouse with her bubbly personality. Maybe she’ll find Richard a wife and…
      Her thoughts tumbled away and she found herself blushing. It was true, less than a week ago she had been travelling with Richard and his family and she had found herself imagining things she had no business imagining. Like giving up this fool dream of joining the Charter to take back all the Stolen Lands, leading Richard home where they would destroy those bloody bandits and then be married beneath a weeping willow with all the spirits of the woods in attendance. Then maybe they would plow a field and plant some onions and potatoes, raise a few big livestock guardian dogs to lounge around and protect their flock – maybe alpacas or sheep – and in time, conceive some adorable babies…
      Now those dreams could not be further from her mind. The rude awakening they experienced during the early watch had set her nerves on edge and she aware for the first time that the road she travelled upon lead only to danger. Every step would be plagued by wild animals or outlaws or simple misfortune, there might be illness or injury. Each day that greeted her could be her last.
      It was a reality she had never really considered before.
      As she sat there, watching the shadows cast by the dying fire shift upon the sleeping faces of her companions, Ava’s hand drifted to the mark upon her clavicle. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes, waiting.
      Sighing, she lay back down and began finger combing her wavy red hair. One of these days, maybe… maybe…

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Mirror Mirror 2” by sverda from

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