Insanity 2013: Day Fifteen

      Half-way done! It is November 15th!
      …but alas, I am not even close to half-way done. I am not even close to sure what I am going to do anymore. I think I am going to start something new – again – and maybe finish it. Hopefully.
      “The Brink” is on the back-burner, but that we already knew. I had started “Untitled”, a fantasy adventure, for NaNo 2013 and got a few thousand usable words… but life and tooth-pain and work-idiocy and stuff conspired against me. I’ve done a few thousand other words – I am writing and doing it daily – but not on a novel. Not finishing my novel.
      At this point, it seems impossible.
      But, I shall be soldiering on! Fist raised high!
      …even if all seems hopeless.
      I shall let you know how it goes at the 3 week mark.

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Edited NaNo Flair Button” by Me + the NaNo Crew

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