Insanity 2013: Day Twenty-One

      Week Three update time!
      I am not going to finish. I can admit that without feeling like a failure. This is the first failure I will record in four years. The streak will end.
      I mean, I’m still writing. Nearly ten thousand words this week! But at 20k words for the month and it being 3 weeks into the challenge… I just don’t know.
      I lied. I can’t give up. Not yet – not officially. I will NOT throw in the towel, not yet. Not I! Never give up, never surrend-…. er… um…
      So, there is a ton of RP stuff coming on the blog in the next two weeks. Like, five beautiful, posts all “taken” from the road diary of Rizlin Crestbronze, an NPC in my Kingmaker game.
      She’s got a secret identity, is involved in a love affair with a PC, and is hoping to dodge an arranged marriage by becoming independent and important in her own right, completely separate from her status as Mr. VIP’s niece.
      Wish me luck… the next week or so will be craaaazy!
Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Edited NaNo Flair Button” by Me + the NaNo Crew

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