I don’t talk much about food on the blog, not because I don’t love food (hey, I used to have a blog called – no lie! But my food photography skills were depressing, so I gave it up) but because I just don’t know what to post.
      I could rant and rave about the Ethicical Carnivore Movement (which I support) and how, no matter what the yo-yos at Yahoo News say, Paleo is not just a weird bacon-filled fad diet. I could post awful photos of my kitchen experiments, and maybe I will, but I just usually am more concerned with… uh… eating… the things I cook, rather than styling and photographing them.
      Bad Blogger!
      Bad 30-something netizen!
      How dare you not Instragram every meal???
      But today I am totally going to a) brag and b) rave about a recipe I found on Pinterest. No, that’s a lie. I found it on Facebook, when one of my little sister’s long-time friends mentioned that she was going to make them as a part of her Holiday Baking. She pointed me to the Pin and I followed it to the URL and *boom* I had to try them. Had. To.
      Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Truffles.
      All the yummy, cinnamony, cream-of-tartary flavor of Snickerdoodles, but soft and rich and coated in a thin layer of white chocolate with cinnamon mixed in.
      These. Things. Are. Amazing.


      They come together super-fast. With Mark’s help, we made the dough base for these and for some Sage Scented Shortbread in about 30 minutes before work. We also made special gifts for Venna’s Grammas – Linda & Judy. Which turned out super cute (forgive, again, the awful photos).

      The lumpy one on the bottom was fashioned from leftover scrap dough from the first two and it was mostly just a ‘test’ for the paint. But since it (mostly) worked all right, we’re going to keep that one for us. Commemorate our little lady’s first Christmas.
      Good God, she’ll be 1 on our 1st Anniversary, won’t she? ACK!
      Been a busy girl, but gosh – those truffle bites. They were outstanding. If you enjoy Snickerdoodles, or cookie dough in general, try them. I imagine they would double easily (the recipe calls for 4oz of Cream Cheese which is half a standard brick, so a whole brick… would mean I didn’t have half a brick going to probable waste in my fridge…unless I make MORE!) and also, that the dough would freeze well so you could whip it out at a later date and thaw it.
      Jessie, Evie’s friend, said in the future she’ll do a drizzle rather than a dip because they didn’t enjoy the coating. I used a Ghiradelli dip and it was delicious. I did ugly drizzle to cover the toothpick holes.
      Anyway – this was a Pinterest WIN!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Snickerdoodle Truffles 3” by (Josie) from her crappy Kyocera cell phone

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