I have been a fat chick as long as I can remember.
      And I have always railed against the stereotype that fat people are just lazy slobs. Too undisciplined to be anything but that – fat.
      I always worked hard. I’ve always taken initiative at my job, I dedicate myself to the things I love, I would never consider myself lazy.
      A bit of a slob, I guess. But, never lazy.
      Lately, I have fallen into this pattern of… sloth. I really wanted to use a cute sloth photo on this post, but when I saw the dog in bed (so photogenic!) I went with that instead. Anyway – off-topic!
      In recent days, I have noticed that I am just… lazy. There’s no other word for it. I have all these grand plans, but I end up spending hours watching Netflix and dreaming. Dreaming, but not doing.
      And life is for the doing.
      Is it possible to be utterly happy and yet utterly miserable? Because I am so content with so much in my life – my wonderful husband, our beautiful puppy, gaming and laughing and just being together…
      But I hate how hard it is for me to get motivated. I am not satisfied with many things in our household – like the way we clutter up the kitchen for days at a time, then have to do huge piles of dishes and stuff all at once. I am not happy with the way we often fail to hang-up our clothes once we wash them. Or how hard it is to get myself out walking daily. How difficult it is to make myself do all the things I dream of doing…
      Getting healthy.
      Getting our house in order.
      Keeping healthy.
      Keeping our house in order.
      Work, writing, school, excellence.
      We have goals and dreams – buying a house, publishing our novels, getting another dog, having a baby…
      But right now, I’m finding myself very lazy.
      Very stagnant, and that’s no way to be. Its time to pull myself up. Make the changes I want to see in myself and my life.
      Make it so, Captain!
      No more Lazy.
      I guess it is time to make a list!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “relaxing on a lazy afternoon” by (Silerhawk) from

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