The Orb

      Today’s snippet, titled “The Orb”, is a piece I wrote about my PC in Mark’s Pathfinder Campaign.
      Be forewarned, there are mature themes and naughty language below.
– – – – – – – – – – –
      Pregnant again, she growled to herself, pressing a hand against the wound. Technically, it had healed, and even the scar had already faded, yet the foul remnants of those disgusting alien toad creatures’ attacks lingered. She could already feel the hard little lump growing just beneath the skin; it was hungry and she was its favorite flavor.
      “Sarey, you will cast your spell upon me first, won’t you?” Nyx said, wheedling her friend.
      The elven witch nodded, distracted by something. Nyx tried to follow her gaze, but the rosy glare of all this copper hurt her eyes and after a moment or two, she grew bored and gave up. There was a story to learn, something about a God and a big rock and blah blah blah… Nyx could still feel the massive quantity of energy she had dispersed with those two massive fireballs; it left her fingers tingling and she could feel each thump of her heart, still quivering and slightly irregular. That would pass, she was mostly sure, but still, it was not a pleasant sensation.
      Marcus was still sulking, having made his displeasure concerning their chosen system of wealth distribution quite – loudly – evident. Rikk was quiet, as usual, but having nearly croaked in the maze, his reticence was still more obvious. Adelind sat against one wall, she was tonguing a fang idly as she let some secret thoughts run rampant in her wicked mind. On a child the habit might be enduring, on a lover, it might be suggestive. On the priestess, it was positively… disturbing.
      Nyx really had no desire to know what twisted visions danced behind those glowing eyes. She had seen enough of Adelind’s work upon the sacrificed corpse in the clearing. Some would probably consider her skill an art. Nyx just found it all rather… icky.
      She closed her eyes, the copper still reflected upon her eyelids, yet somehow she found it soothing now. The battle had been intense, her own reserves were fairly well tapped, and all she wanted to do was sleep.
      “Nyx, c’mon!”
      Sarey’s voice roused her and she climbed to her feet.
      “Can’t we just sleep? I want to like, be rid of this nasty thing.”
      “At least you’ve just got the one, from the reds,” Hefe said. “Some of us got knocked up by the blue, too.”
      She rolled her eyes, flailing her hand dismissively. His body was no temple, surely it had had worse things in and on it, than a few little Squick-Toad spawn. But Nyx – no, her body was… sacrosanct. And this violation, no matter how temporary, disturbed her on the most intimate and private level.
      “You’ll get used to it,” Rikk said, tersely, as if reading her mind.
      “I like, never will,” she frowned. “What are you doing up there?”
      “Nyx, get up here,” Sarey said again, more impatiently this time, stomping her foot.
      Everyone else was already climbing the contraption, heading toward the orb it supported. And, after all, it was a very beautiful, utterly massive, creation of silver and gold and platinum and some other alien material she did not care enough about to even try to identify.
      Now that she drew close to it, her gaze was cemented to its glistening surface. She, along with the others, could hardly blink; their hands stretched toward it and then touched it. Almost gelatinous, Nyx fancied for a moment that she could push her hands through it, somehow absorbing the-
      A glow unlike anything she had ever experienced kissed their palms, suffusing the flesh with its queer warmth. Suddenly, she could see the stars as if she soared amongst them and the whole of the universe lay before her. The void was not cold, not as she normally experienced it, but rather a comforting sensation similar to the embrace of a lover.
      She reveled in it.
      Yet within the space of a few beats of her heart, it was over.
      Nyx blinked.
      The others had shared her experience, she knew it, though from their expressions not all of them had felt it as such a sensual bliss as she had. Marcus, in particular, seemed… anxious by whatever he had felt in that moment.
      Time for a nap, she told herself, descending the steps, her skirts lifted in one elegant hand. Even as the thought crossed her mind, she realized that her exhaustion had been abated by the experience of the Orb and she chuckled.
      “Nikodemos is like, going to be totally jealous when he hears about this!”

– – – – – – – – – – –
Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Yantra 2” by (lince86) from

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