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      This is definitely a topic better designed for Tumblr, home of all the Fandoms, but alas… I don’t do anything with Tumblr (except scroll through lovely artwork in search of portraits to use for characters, inspiration, and fun or writing prompts/tips, and oh yeah – reblog things that I want to refer to later but which have no cohesive theme).
      So, here goes the first of what may very well turn into a recurring series here on JeezJosie.com (on those days when I just have nothing else to write/think/post about).
      For the inaugural run, we’re doing Sailor Moon, the show that began it all for me. My love of anime, my love of the internet, fandoms, all that jazz.

  • Favorite episode: Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy – #200. The epic, epic, epic concluding episode. I’ve watched it a dozen times, back when I had just a little teensy 250×250 mpeg and now that I’ve got a fairly high defintion copy as well… it makes me cry. And though I do hate crying, I also tremendously love it when something/someone moves me to tears. In fact, I think I’m going to go hook-up the ol’ Toshiba (external hard drive) and re-watch this one. Maybe I’ll go back and re-watch all two hundred!
  • Favorite villain: Ooof – this is hard. Black Lady was one of my favorite character designs on the show (and the manga, hubba hubba!) but the Dark Moon Circus had some fun villains: Queen Nehelenia, the Amazoness Trio, the three “eyes”… Sailor Galaxia… But then the classic baddies of Season One… the arc between Zoicite & Nephrite (or Nephrite & Molly [Naru]). I mean, c’mon, Queen Beryl is bad-ass and horrible.
  • Least favorite “main character” of the show: Lots of people hate Usagi. I loved her. But gosh… least favorite “main”? I loved Jupiter, I loved Moon, I liked Mercury, Mars & Venus just fine. I liked Luna, I adored Artemis, and all the Outers, naturally. Okay – I think I’ve got it. My least favorite – Mamoru. He’s okay. But he doesn’t resonate with me as much as… other characters. Not that I dislike him, but he’s “not my favorite”. Ya know?
  • Favorite “sidekick”: Tee-hee. I guess Artemis, or Umino (haha!) but definitely not Chibi-Usa. OMG! I take make Mamoru and give you Chibi-Usa as my least favorite main character. That little pink-haired butthead!
  • Character you love to hate: You know, maybe it was my youth, but I did not find any characters I loved to hate in the Sailor Moon universe. I’m straining my brain, but when I think of “love to hate”, I’m thinking Cersei from GoT (she was awful, awful, horrible… but AWESOME) or Ianthe from “Dragon Prince” (wicked woman… but compelling and crucial to the plot).
  • Favorite friendship: Minako & Rei. Makoto & Ami. Both pairings seemed so full of fun and laughter and love.
  • Favorite wise-guy: Umino. Tee-hee. He’s a dork. A weird dork.
  • Least favorite story-arc: I really disliked the Eiru & An (or Ail & Ann / Doomtree) thing in season two. Not sure why – I haven’t watched it in ages, but I remember disliking their whole… blah blah blah.
  • Favorite character death scene: That scene when Haruka & Michiru stretch in their death throes… fingers barely just touching and… *sigh* I weep just thinking about it. Its the most horrible and the best and gosh – heart-wrenching!
  • An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you: The lame truth it, I don’t think there were any, or at least none that I recall. Naoko was pretty good about tying up loose ends, I guess, or I never really paid enough attention to remember any, HAH.

      So, that is my first FdS (FandomSurvey) post, in the can, as they say. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again, or if I’ll find other questions, or if I’ll just write things about movies/stories/series I love… but that’s the crazy thing about life & the interwebs… you never know what tomorrow will bring!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “In Concert” by (duchessa) from SXC.hu

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