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So, if this post looks a little different from others, and had an unfortunate auto-correct or two, forgive me. I am Swype’ing this from my phone.

It’s mostly just a test. But in it, I wanted to bring up a recurring problem in society today, something that happens via text message.

More specifically, it happens without benefit of the simple courtesy of a text.

Making plans with someone is cool. If they are loose or open ended or not firm, that’s fine. But if you say, “I’ll be over before X event” that is no longer loose. There is an anticipated time, an expectation that you will, you know, show up. If you change your mind or something comes up…that’s fine.

But do me the courtesy of a ducking text message. That way, I can get on with my day. That way, I am not waiting for your rude, inconsiderate ass all afternoon.

People whom I love are like this…assholes. Total ducking assholes. And though my advice to other people when their friends are like this is to dump them, or at least, go about your life and don’t wait for them… I can’t take own advice very well.

I mean, casual acquaintances? Sure. Screw ’em. But real people – ones I care about? – I just can’t manage it. Ugh. So frustrating. More frustrating than listening to the Journey channel on Pandora. Lol

How do you tell people not to be assholes?

And what do you say to people who defend their behavior as “just how so-and-so is”? Like those idiots who justify youthful misogyny with a witty “boys will be boys”.

I am tired of giving JERKWAGONS a pass on bad behavior. It takes the second to send a text saying, “Can’t make it. Sorry.” That’s all I ask. Be an adult, a polite non-douchey adult.

End rant…for now. Hah!

Signed, Josie
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