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      What do you know? It is BACK!
      Like I said before, this is definitely a topic better designed for Tumblr, home of all the Fandoms, but alas… my blog is here, not there, and so shall this post be.
      So, here goes the third of what may yet turn into a recurring series here on JeezJosie.com.
      For this episode, we’re doing The Walking Dead (tv, rather than comics).
      Also – beware if you are not done with s4 yet, there may be spoilers.

  • Favorite episode: “Days Gone Bye” Season One, Episode One. Rick awakens and the world has ended. The leg-less walker in the park. His horror at the cafeteria sign and the fingers… the horse, the ride to Atlanta, the tank, the disembodied voice. It was. SO. FREAKING. EPIC. There have been some real stand-out episodes in later seasons, and I am already convinced S5 this October is going to rock my socks off, but I think that one is still my favorite.
  • Favorite villain: Shane, I think, was a good “villain” (in that he was an antagonist to Rick, the nominal “hero”), The Governor was cooler (and worse!) in the comics, though I do like the actor. But “Brian’s” turn at redemption in S4 can suck it. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to some of the ones in Terminus and beyond.

          The best villain, of course, is just… living in the zombie apocalypse. People zombies nature. Its all conspiring to kill THEM ALL. Whee! Pathos!
  • Favorite hero: Well, Rick still appeals to me in a way that others sort of anti-heroes do not (Jax, Walter White, et cetera). He’s a good man with flaws, striving to do the best he can for his remaining family (Judith & Carl, plus the other survivors in their group).
          That said, I’m a fan of Glenn. He’s a kid who has really evolved into a man. He’s surprised everyone (including himself, I think) with his leadership qualities, his fortitude, and his intelligence. If he wasn’t destined to die this year (probably), I’d vote for him to “take over” if Rick died/retired.
          Also, Daryl. For…reasons. *cough*
          The ladies of the show have overall underwhelmed me. I can’t abide cheaters, and Lori pinging back and forth between Rick & Shane bugged me. Andrea pissed me off a hundred times with her idiocy. She’s apparently a successful lawyer (or something) and yet she makes these stupid choices constantly. Maggie is pretty spiff, but Beth drives me nuts. Judith is still an infant…
          Carole is such a survivor. I am pleased that they’ve given her a much better arc than in the comics, and I hope she sticks around. She might be my favorite, aside from the obvious katana-wielding choice, Michonne. I am fascinated by Danae and by Michonne (actress and character respectively).
          Then there’s Sasha, who seems pretty cool – but we don’t really know her that well yet. And the chick who came in with Abraham, Rosita. She might not suck. Oh! Tara (is that her name? I’m totally exhausted as I write this… *checks* Yes, Tara. I like her so far.
  • Least favorite “main character” of the show: Did I sort of just answer that? Lori… um… Andrea… Milton? The Governor? Dale?
  • Favorite “sidekick”: Hmm. I guess I didn’t think through my answer to the “hero” question, did I? I think Glenn would be my favorite, or Daryl. Sidekick to Rick, that is.
  • Character you love to hate: Carl. I think the actor (Chandler Riggs, I believe) is talented, but Carl is a constant source of frustration and wonder. Sometimes, I want to strangle him (Stay in the HOUSE, Carl!) and sometimes, I want to cheer (see several times in s4). He’s gonna be one to watch, for sure.
  • Favorite friendship: Daryl & Carole. I liked them together and “together”.
  • Favorite ship: Right now, I’m team Richonne (Rick+Michonne). I know in the comics, Rick ended up (so far) with Andrea, but that’s squicky even if she wasn’t dead. Also, Daryl + Carole, Maggie + Glenn. I’m also digging Sasha + Bob (Basha? Sob? haha). So… Yeah.
  • Least favorite ship: Daryl + Beth. FUCK THAT NOISE. Tee-hee. I also hated Lori+Shane, for reasons. I wish Andrea + Dale had made the show, but c’est la vie.
  • Favorite story-arc: The farm, I think. I really loved that sense of normalcy that they had tried to build, plus it is the sort of place I would want to live (before or after the Zombie Apocalypse).
  • Least favorite story-arc: Governor/Woodbury. I hated the way it draaaaaaaged ooonnnnnnn fooooooorrreeeeeeverrrrr. It was way too long in a lot of ways. And a lot of the stuff that was really in your face and awful, they omitted (which is probably for the best, but also, sucks).
  • Favorite character death scene: Oh gosh. Lori’s death was full of pathos, but I think the one that twisted at my heart strings the most was one we didn’t even see on screen – little Sophia’s. Because when she stumbled into the light, I wept. Oh! Also Merle’s death/zombie death. It was pretty rough on the ol’ Nubbstress.
  • Least character death scene: Probably Glenn’s upcoming death scene. *sob* I just have a feeling so bad.
  • An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you: Hmm. What ever happened to the hispanic family that abandoned the group in s1? Why did Carole burn those two bodies in s4 (just stabbing them in the brain killed the zombie-ness just fine)? How did it all begin? Why the FUCK did they say the only team left alive, working on the cure, were the bloody French???

      So, that’s that. In the can, as they say. What about you? Do you love TWD? Tell me about it below!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “In Concert” by (duchessa) from SXC.hu

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