Shooting from the Hip

      I’m working without benefit of my template and my image editing program tonight. C’est la vie. I’m on my work computer because my personal one is presently undergoing heavy, full-on, deep tissue scanning processes.
      I don’t really think I have a virus or anything, but I saw a weird screen during shutdown this evening and even though I’m fairly certain it was just a notice that new updates had been applied – I am not taking any chances. Scan it is.
      Anyway – I’m writing this a few days in advance of publishing because that’s how I roll these days. I write when I have something to say and I do it as often as I can – but the pressure of composing 500 – 1000 words every day regardless of thoughts/inspiration/topics got to me. My solution works. I’m usually a couple weeks ahead with RP postings for the off-days and I scatter in these non-writing posts on the on-days. I don’t stress, I get to enjoy blogging again, and – Why am I telling you this? My readership pretty much consists of me, myself, and I – with occasional perusals by my bestie, Tim, my husband, or my Mom.
      I have a co-worker whose wife is dealing with a lot of the issues I have – healthwise – right now. The difference is that she’s already had her kids.
      But anyway – she recently went on insulin and is having WLS soon.
      It turns out our insurance will cover WLS after all. Wich brings up a whole new conundrum for ME.
      I have debated WLS for years.
      Some days I 100% WANT to have it. I need the help, I could finally get healthy, I want it.
      Some days I 100% do not want it. I want to do it myself, no help, no crutch, no surgery.
      Today, I’m really seriously considering it again.
      My sister had the lapband. She’s healthier than ever with two gorgeous children.
      My former co-worker had Rouen XY (or something – full-on bypass) and though she has trouble keeping weight ON these days, she always says she never regretted her choice.
      I really honestly believe that if I could get the help to get started – the kick-in-the-butt, so to speak – and lose about 50 lbs, I could enjoy being active again. There are so many activities I love, but its just so hard…so sweaty, so painful, so embarrassing.
      So I keep praying on it. What to do, what to do.
      But I’m shooting from the hip today, telling it true.
      I don’t have the answers, but I have a possibility now, a chance… and I might just take it.

Image by me, in Paint. Obviously.

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