The Future of the Blog

      I have lots of writing I could continue to publish here. As it stands, as I write this, there are already several Rhiallis stories in the queue for the rest of September. And I’ve got two more “chapters” ready to send to the gaming group (which means, ready to break up and post here also).
      But I imagine that it seems a little self-indulgent to post big hunks of roleplay-inspired prose here. Right? Then again, my non-writing posts are both self-indulgent and (generally) dumb. So, maybe it doesn’t matter.
      The crux of the matter at hand is this: what do I do with the things I write about the Serpent’s Skull?
      If I keep to my every-other-day posting schedule, with one post RP, next post regular, then RP, then regular, where do I fit in these other tales of woe and wonder? Both the Serpent Skull RP stories, of which there are at least two already, and the random rambling about gaming and such?
      Do I just revamp the system and go daily-posts? Will that overwhelm me again? Probably, and rapidly so.
      Do I just keep scheduling RP stories ahead, even to the point that we’ll be a month or more behind because there are four Rhiallis posts to schedule before the four Serpent Skull posts, and after that more Rhiallis?
      Do I just stop writing RP stories and concentrate on my real fiction work?
      ….ding ding ding!
      That is the prudent thought.
      But I love writing little snippets, a few hundred words each, about our gaming sessions. I feel like it adds weight to the whole tale, when you get to read some (bad!) prose about a scene that was poignant or funny or terrifying or whatever.
      And my fellow players don’t seem to HATE it (though… some… maybe).
      What about you – the one or two people who DO visit JeezJosie on the regular? What would you prefer? Less RP, more Real Life? Less RL more Roleplay? Me to close it completely? Haha!
      I don’t know… the future of the blog is that a) I’ll keep blogging and b) I’ll keep posting my roleplay-inspired snippets. Beyond that, it is murky. I’ll figure something out, I guess. I always do.

Signed, Josie
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