Well, there was a recent post here about the Future of the Blog.
      Specifically, what to do with all my Serpent Skull snippets, and the Rhiallis snippets.
      As expected, life intervened with a solution and Rhiallis is taking a holiday. For reasons I’ll discuss in another blog entry this week, Mark is stepping back from the Worldwound Campaign for a few weeks (though he VOWS to go back to it) so that Tim can run his long-desired Zombie Game!
      There may be some “All Flesh Must Be Eaten” snippets in the future, who knows? I was really motivated to write about Helen Poots and such in Paul’s Zombie Game but to be 100%, brutally honest… I doubt that Tim’s game will be as RP-heavy and thus, inspiring for my creative juices. I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But his play style is combat-heavy and numbers-oriented, rather than rp-heavy and story-oriented. So I am guessing his DM style will fall in that same sort of rubric.
      That said – not having Rhiallis to write about each week will be super-good for me because it is nearly October, which means it is nearly NOVEMBER and November means NaNoWriMo and this year I am going to focus the FUCK out of finishing my novel. In fact, my goal for October is to rework some stuff in my last novel so that I can finish the sequel this year.
      Fingers crossed.
      But that means that all the “RP” days will likely be filled up with my Serpent Skull writing. And, if they’ll allow it, some of the goodies my players posted this week because it was great!
      For now… Hiatus for Rhiallis. Focus for Serpent’s Skull. Whee!
      And this fall/winter is going to be NUTSO for us here in House JeezJosie, so be prepared for more news in upcoming days!

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “hiatus”

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