Layout Woes

      I spent a lot of time perfecting this new layout earlier this year.
      And for awhile, even though it loads like winter molasses, I loved it.
      But now, I hate it again and by the time this pre-scheduled entry runs, I may have switched it again. Maybe a dozen times!
      I want something more streamlined.
      Something classy.
      Something simple, clean, elegant.
      Something pretty.
      And this layout has a LOT going for it. It has the rotating splash images, the linked categories, the spotlight, and then recent entries. All of it looking neat and organized.
      But it is sloooooooow.
      And it is biiiiiiiiiig.
      And it requires more upkeep than I’d like, as well.
      But I like my featured images. And I like the rotating splash. And I like the linked categories, the spotlight, the organization of the recent entries.
      Maybe I should just re-learn to code and create my own custom template. What do you think? Is that a valid thing to do these days, when I spend so little of my free time working on my real fiction and so much time dicking around on Tumblr, working on my Pathfinder games, or writing roleplay-inspired snippets?
      I’ll update this entry if I decide to update the layout before this goes live. But for the moment, I just really am undecided. Do I love it or hate it? Is it the theme that’s slow or Dreamhost at large? Does it matter anyway, since NO ONE reads this stuff unless I specifically post it to Facebook for my Aunts & Cousins?
      Time will tell.

// Update: Yes, I got fed-up and just, changed the layout. It is “Twenty Thirteen” by the WordPress team and I chose it for the “featured images” header and the orange-y-ness. \\

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “dices” by (tijmen) from

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