Our gaming table has a lot of big personalities seated around it. From Paul, who is both hilarious and hugely pervy; to Brian, who is quirky and has a pretty mean sense of humor; to Tim, who comes up with some amazing snark; to Mark, who is adorably goofy and pervy; to Rhesa, who I can never quite predict; and to me, usually inadvertently funny.
      That doesn’t even include Chris, who is legitimately hilarious (but who is still fairly new to the table), and Mikey P., who has been absent for awhile but intends to return, or Abbie, who cracks me up all the time, and Amanda, who just started (maybe?) joining us on the session from 8/23.
      We email back and forth a lot in between sessions (some of us more than others and yes, I am a guilty party in the excessive email-chain debacle). We chatter at the table. We are funny and crazy and I love us. Even when I hate us.
      I’m going to share a few choice quotes from our most recent sessions because… duh. Funny.

(Haha… tentaclonies!)





      So… yeah. Those are just a few of the most recent ones. I usually capture more – but somehow my notes are incomplete. I know we laughed a bunch and when we laugh, its usually because someone was Quotable. 😀

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “quoteable” by Josie

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