Life in the Movies

      My life is not like the movies.
      Or the television shows.
      I don’t have leisurely sit-down breakfasts or suppers with my family. I don’t wear make-up in the afternoons when random neighbors pop-by for margaritas. I don’t have immaculate manicures fifty-two-weeks a year.
      I do not live on Wisteria Lane (thank God!)
      But that doesn’t mean I can’t get a life that has more “real” and less “virtual”. That doesn’t mean I can’t try.
      I am realizing more and more than I am addicted to other people’s lives. I spend hours every day scrolling through Facebook and Tumblr. I don’t need to, but I do. I want to know who is angry about what and see photos of kids and pets and yes, even those ungodly annoying quizzes people post 1000 times a day, I want to know who will survive the longest in the zombie apocalypse and what your old person name is and what your favorite color means about you.
      In the TV and Movies, people never get out of bed and sit at their computers for an hour with a cup of coffee, scrolling through Facebook.
      They get up and exercise, or make those aforementioned leisurely family breakfasts, or take dogs on walks.
      And they come home from work and do not immediately veg out – but rather they do actual things. Hobbies. Anything from gardening to reading to running to building trainsets.
      And it is not just the movies – I know that real people do that too. Hell, my sister is one of those types.
      But I’m not quite prepared to delete Facebook yet.
      I like interacting with old friends and I learn a lot about the world events on the internet. But at the same time, I woke up at 1pm today (Thanks Mark :P) and then spent the first hour and a half of my conscious time doing the following: checked email, played Candy Crush Saga, then Bubble Witch Saga 2, then Words with Friends, then scrolled through Facebook, and then started blogging.
      And now I want to take a nap because I only got about four hours of sleep. So, yeah.
      I think I should make some small steps.
      One: remove games from phone/tablet.
      Two: remove Tumblr from my dashboard.
      Three: remove myself from Facebook by creating a new “streamlined” profile with just my actual, immediate friends and family on it.
      Four: wean myself off of Facebook entirely.
      Five: move on with my life, write my novels, and boo-yah! – blog more!
      I feel like I need to really do something but even as I sit here typing that, I am wondering if someone just posted something fun on Facebook because I heard that little “ting-ting!” and oh gosh…
      Taking a nap sounds increasingly awesome…

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Desperate Couple” by (theodore99) from

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