Snowmageddon 2016

      Snowmageddon 2016 has come (and by now, I sincerely hope) gone.
      Yeah, once again I’m writing this blog a few days before it will publish, but that’s okay. Here and now, it is just after noon on Sunday, January 24th and there are about thirty inches of snow on the ground outside. That is more than ever before in recorded history in Central PA. It is definitely the most snow I’ve seen in a single storm in my thirty-odd years.
      Very odd. But that’s another story.
      Venna loved it. She also hated it. She couldn’t find a place to pee or poop and had to sort of waller around until she made a little valley of snow (which was still a foot off the ground) to mount and use as her potty. It was great fun to watch.
      Our new landlord did clear a path up the sidewalk, so we can take out our trash and take the puppy out to see… but that’s about it. Our car is buried – possibly for days. The street (basically an alley) won’t get plowed for days, I bet. There are thirty inches of snow in the street, guys. It is madness!
      We had to cancel a Worldwound gaming session, but that’s okay because I haven’t finished my RP for last session anyway and I’d like to get Rhiallis’ thoughts out before she dies. Yeah, I’ve got a bad feeling about the upcoming session. The last remaining survivor of the original party is next on the DM’s hit list. I feel it. It is coming.
      That means I need to have my back-up ready also. I’m thinking of a Noble Drow Mystic Theurge. She’s got such a great background story brewing in my head… We’ll see. It is a good campaign, and I’m generally VERY anti-Good Drow. But mostly for Faerun settings. Golarion is slightly different. We’ll see. We’ll see.
      Meanwhile – I abhor the terms “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpacalypse” (and similar portmanteaus). They just seem overly dramatic, silly, and ignorant-ish. Whatever.
      I know this is just a rambling personal post, but I wanted an excuse to spam the interwebs with little tiny clips of our dog, Venna.

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Snow Dog” by (Josie)

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