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      Ah, yes. A new month, a new week, and a Monday.
      Must be time for some “Weird Questions, Weird Answers” by yours truly. Well, the questions aren’t mine. I found them on Tumblr, like I found so many other dumb question sets in the past. But the answers are all me. Just the way you like it. I mean, I presume that’s so, since you’re here. Reading them. The answers, that is, the things I think and write down on this silly, pointless, personal blog.
      Without further ado – a series of questions based around the theme of Pathfinder/DnD classes!

  • Paladin: What’s your favorite thing about the world?
  •       The capacity human beings have for love and creativity and imagination and hope and faith and beauty and- Wait, that’s really cheating, isn’t it? I mean – what one thing is my favorite thing about the world? Well, honestly – as much as I hate them at large – people. People are amazing (and horrible). Our differences, our similarities. The way we are all unique in a thousand ways. The infinite variety of the human race, the human experience. You can never tell every story, you can never know every person. It is spectacularly brilliant to me. I marvel at it.
          Yeah, its true. I generally abhor people.
          But I love them.
          People are my favorite thing about this world.

  • Mage: If you could choose a single spell to cast IRL, which would you choose?
  •       FIREBALL!
          Just kidding. Any spell? Heck, I’d think I’d be pretty set with Prestidigitation, because it can do a lot of little things. Maybe Teleport – so I could visit people and places without spending a cent. I mean, I’d say Wish, but those types of spells always have such expensive material components. I mostly just want enough money in my world so that I can pay rent and our bills each month, with enough left over to get groceries and gas and maybe see a movie or something without worrying that we’ll overdraft every single time.
          But Teleport appeals to me right now. Visiting the family, the Timothy, the friends elsewhere, not to mention a quick trip to Korea and Japan and China and Greece and… *ahem* Yeah, Teleport.

  • Rogue: What’s your favorite precious stone?
  •       Opals.
          With Emeralds as a close second.
          Definitely Opals, though. I find them endlessly fascinating.

  • Alchemist: What’s something you would like to know about one day?
  •       Languages? I mean, that is something I really want to study more in general. I keep doing Spanish on DuoLingo, but I’m kind of obsessed with Korean right now (and Japanese, low key in the background all the time). Plus, German.

  • Barbarian: Do you consider yourself strong?
  •       Stronger than some. Weaker than others.
          Stronger than I was yesterday. Weaker than I’ll be tomorrow.
          I’m evolving, bitch.

  • Ranger: What’s your favorite animal?
  •       Venna!
          Well, I mean, I love her. I still carrying Juno-Felicity in my heart as well. Keiko and Reeka and Anais and Azralat and Jace and Jaz the Mad Cat, too. Duke. Cannabis. Bonnie. Baby. Shelly-boy. Nilili.
          But I think my favorite type of animal is a dog. I love them.

  • Bard: What’s your favorite song?
  •       Lately, I’ve been really hooked on “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. Like, I hear it and it is in my head for DAYS and I don’t even mind. I love it. It is silly and brilliantly dance-able. Catchy as fuck.
          Also, I will always love “Simple Man” and “Amazing Grace” and “Beautiful Goodbye” and “Inconceivable” and pretty much everything on “So Far So Good” by Bryan Adams. I could go on. I have a lot of favorite songs. Mostly old ones.

  • Cleric: Are you religious? Explain.
  •       I am not, but I am.
          I have fierce faith and I know the love of a higher being. I’ve felt Grace. I pray.
          But the Bible? Nah. I mean, there are good things in it. Its existence brings me closer to God. But I acknowledge a fundamental truth about it too. It was written/transcribed by flawed mortal men, full of their own prejudices and theories, and was touched by the circumstances of their historical context. It was then re-written, translated, interpreted a thousand times by a thousand more flawed, mortal men and women.
          Maybe God’s true words are in there somewhere.
          But I think it is less about the literal words in the Bible and more about the feeling behind it.
          Here’s what I know to be true (and I totally believe in your right to believe differently, so no worries): God is Love.
          That’s all.

  • Monk: Do you have good self-control?
  •       Sometimes, about some things.
          But not always. I’d make a bad Monk, I guess.

  • Fighter: What’s something you would fight for? To the death?
  •       I’d fight for my husband. For my family. I’m going to fight for a president who can fight for all of us and for candidates who can support him.
          … I mean, maybe? I guess. I like being alive, even when it sucks and I realize I’m a terrible adult/person…

  • Druid: What’s your favorite flora (tree/plant)?
  •       I like Tiger Lilies. Orange Roses. Weeping Willows.
          Maple Trees like the one we had back home.
          Pretty sculpted bushes! Rhododendrons!
          …I’m not much of a nature person.

  • Gunslinger: Have you ever used a firearm?
  •       Sure.
          Okay, it was a BB Gun.
          I want to learn to shoot and own a few guns, if we can ever afford it.

  • Samurai: Do you have a strong sense of honor?
  •       Yes.

  • Summoner: What’s your favorite mythological creature?
  •       Dragons.
          In all their variations. The cat-like ones. The greedy violent ones. The intelligent ones. The crazy-cool sunrunning ones of Melanie Rawn’s world. Talking ones, feral ones.

  • Oracle: Do you have a recurring dream? Explain.
  •       I’ve gone into great detail about one I used to have a LOT in the past. One in which I’m being chased by a two-legged snake man and I end up in a cavern filled with snakes and it is like, evil evil evil. You can taste the evil in the air and I’m so scared, so scared, but I can’t get away and then just as something awful is about to happen – BOOM! – I wake up.
          Luckily, I haven’t had that one in years. Probably because the people who were in my life and were very snake-like, are no longer in my life.
          Also, my sense of lack of control is manifesting in lots of varied dreams these days. HAH.
          There was one about a flood where I was trying to save someone I knew and loved (almost always someone different), but I won’t go into that one now either. I’m still a little skeeved out remembering the devil-snake.

  • Psion: If you COULD read minds, WOULD you?
  •       Yes.
          I think it would make me a better writer, if I could really understand how other people think. I know my own brain is weird/atypical, so I have to stretch to figure out how other people see things.
          But that’s one of the fun things about writing, isn’t it?

  • Swashbuckler: Do you consider yourself agile?
  •       Nope. I’m slow and clumsy and I’m sure my DEX score is like, 10 tops. Average. Maybe more like 8. I probably have a negative modifier, so if someone else gets Fireball in real life, I’m fucked.

      Shorter and shorter as the meme went on, aren’t they?
      That happens sometimes; I get a little fed up with my word vomit by the end of a meme. Also, probably the same thing with my novels. I’ll have to work on that. Because I hate when an ending feels rushed in other people’s works.
      Signing off for now…

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Weird ?s, Weird As” by (Me) with PaintShopPro

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