The Dead Will Walk

      Tomorrow night, the Dead will Walk again.
      That’s right bitches, the B-side of season 6 begins on Valentine’s Day this year (easily in the top ten gifts I’ve ever received for the holiday) and I cannot wait for “The Walking Dead” to return.
      Mark & I are “Richonne” shippers, casually of course. We still hold out hope that the intense chemistry between Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira will come to a hot and heavy fruition this season. I know, I know. It is a long shot. But we really think the characters (and their respective actors) have some sick heat between them. They rely on each other, they trust each other, they understand each other. And mm-mm-MMM! Gimme that Richonne!
      We’re not the kind of rabid fans that scour the spoilers pages for hints and clues and theories though. We like to enjoy the show as it comes, with as little input as possible from outside sources. I have read about 70 or 80 episodes of the graphic novel, and yes – I’ve read some of what happens during “All Out War” and how we meet Lucille and how we say good-bye to Glenn. But since the show and the comics are so divergent at this point – I’m not too worried about being “spoilered”.
      Originally, since Mark’s on vacation this week, we had wanted to throw a little TWD season premiere party. But alas – I could not get the time off and we still don’t actually own a couch and so it would just be awkward for seating arrangements. Instead, we’ll sit up together and I’ll get ready for work and we’ll watch every last second of the juicy, bloody drama with glee.
      Or, if it is as brutal and intense as I’ve heard… he’ll watch and I’ll bury my head in my shirt (or his shoulder) half the time. Hah.
      Do you love TWD?
      Why not?
      Who is your favorite character?
      Do you ship anyone? Particularly with Rick? (Note: People who answer Jesse will be shot, resurrected, and shot again, then banned from the website… Just Kidding…ish.)

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Immolation” by (???) from and cropped by me

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