30 Days of D&D… (in two posts, part two)

      Yeah, I found another meme on Tumblr and yeah, it is designed to be a 30 Day Challenge about me and my experience with D&D/Pathfinder. But I’m going to treat is like a quick 30 question meme and just race through it for fun and for nostalgia’s sake. Two posts. 15 topics each. Boom!
      We’re moving on to the last fifteen today and it could get lengthy…
      Humor me, bitte?
      Here we go:

  • Favorite Ooze/Aberrant Creature
  •       Black pudding. The kind that was hiding above the doorway entrance to the Lost City of Ip. Or Green Ooze. The kind that lurked in that big vat that Celeste and the hins got butt punched into in Drezen. Or well, any Beholder. Or Aboleth. Or – why would you mix these two categories? There are So. Many. Awesome. Oozes/Puddings and Aberrations!

  • Favorite Animal/Insect/Arachnid
  •       Herman. Duh. He’s technically not really a spider, but rather some sort of demonic construct spider that hunts demons FOR other demons. He’s obviously evil and horrible, but he’s our friend.

  • Favorite Planar Being
  •       I like the Azata. I’m less familiar with planar beings though – they tend toward a different type of campaign than I’ve ever run…

  • Favorite Elemental/Plant
  •       In my “The Serpent Skull” campaign, there was a mud-cursed shaitan (earth-genie-type). He was pretty fucking fun. His pet earth elemental was nice too. I tend to lean toward Air and Water elementals, for my own summons and elemental preferences.

  • Favorite Humanoid/Giant/Fey
  •       Faerie Dragons! They’re fey, right? Naiads, Dryads, Sylphs. Nixies Pixies. All the fey, really. Including my Kingmaker NPC, Fenton Faeblut, the poor bastard who was born with a bunch of half elf siblings, but he came out fully human (luck of the genetic draw). He’s got some land in Kyonin though,

  • Favorite Dragon
  •       Desert Dragons. I mean, honestly, I love Melanie Rawn’s dragons the most. But in Pathfinder/DnD – I like the Blue Chromatic. And all the metallics. I like ‘good’ creatures in general.

  • Top Monster, Overall
  •       Monsterous NPCs with class levels. Like I love throwing guys like Fenton in – or his ‘beard’, she was awesome. The evil dark-skinned vampiric elves the party met recently in my Serpent’s Skull game (that is – they were Garundi, not Drow). I love monsters with stories and backgrounds and all sorts of stuff to build drama on!
          Such isn’t always the case with monster monsters. But it can be. Oh, glory be, it can be. Such as the baby T-Rex who ended up following the party until it was adopted by Ayr (a druid whose own companion was killed shortly before hand)… so many examples.

  • Least Favorite Monster
  •       Ugh – just disappointing ones. And mostly, if they’re disappointing, it is my fault as DM.
          But I’m not overly fond of Charu-ka. They’re annoying. And I’m not overly fond of anything that’s over complicated to use effectively.

  • Favorite Spell
  •       FIREBALL!
          Just kidding.
          I don’t have a favorite spell. There are too many useful ones, too many stupid ones.

  • Favorite Magic Item
  •       Ring of Sustenance. Hands down, most useful magic item.
          Also Bags of Holding.
          Every freaking time.

  • Favorite Mundane Item
  •       Little, useless things that a PC keeps on their sheet for IC reasons. Rhiallis’ deck of cards (she took up playing card games to fit in better with the paladin/mercenary crowd in Kenebres). The small glass statuettes my character for Rise of the Runelords kept in her pouch – she liked to make them, but they meant a lot to her. Julius Parker-Kray’s pouch of gears and sprockets. Mira’s collection of items from deceased party members…

  • Favorite Curse/Cursed Item
  •       Necklace of Strangulation is brutal. Bag of Devouring can be awful (Julius Parker-Kray has one in his possession at the moment and doesn’t know it yet). And of course, the best item I ever used on a PC myself?
          The sword of gender-swap that Lexi the Paladin in my Kingmaker game, picked up off a hobgoblin. <3 Paul still hates me for that... because it took a lesbian and turned her into a gay man (full-on-switch). She was hoping to bone her girlfriend with her own, newly grown penis...and it went limp when presented with lady parts, but got all happy around hot male ones. Tee-hee.

  • PCs You Have Sworn Off Playing
  •       I don’t really understand this one.
          Is it a particular PC I’m to have given up on? Because I never have – they’ve either died, or we’ve stopped playing the game.
          Or is the question regarding the TYPE of PC I’ve sworn off playing? If so – probably ‘generic white chick’. I’m striving to keep our PCs more diverse, even if our group itself is utterly 100% white (and straight). My present character is ambiguously brown-ish, from a land near the desert lands. He’s pansexual (he likes pretty people, period). Mim was some sort of unspecified brown analagous to Indian/Hindu. Hannigan was black.
          Rhiallis is golden-skinned and blonde, but she is aasimar and well… dang it… she’s “white” but my back-ups are a desert-dwelling half-elf of a brown persuasion and a half-Tian-Min witch.

  • Most Frequently Rolled Number on d20
  •       1
          No, just kidding. Not really 1, but those are the rolls you feel the most. I think I tend to use pretty well-balanced dice. The ones that aren’t don’t stay in rotation long.
          For instance, last session I used my neon alchemists dice for my pansexual investigator – and they SUCKED. Rolled nothing higher than a 7 (like four 4s in a row) so I retired them until I can test their balance.

  • Best Playing/DMing Experience
  •       Every session, always. Whether playing or DMing. Every time is the best time, even when its not, and every time has moments of brilliance.
          If you read this blog, you’ve heard about lots of my favorite experiences, and that’s a better answer than anything I could come up with to tell you here…

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “dices” by (tijmen) from SXC.hu

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