Character Sketch: Lorenzo Lafountainebleu

      Below you will find a verbose character sketch I wrote for Paul’s “Skulls & Shackles” campaign game. Beware of naughty themes and language below…
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Name: Lorenzo La Fontainbleu
Age: 23
DoB: 11th Neth
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155
Hair: Dark brown, wavy, shoulder-length
Eye: Hazel brown
Features: Aquiline nose, strong cheekbones, distinctive facial hair (goatee), heavy brows.
Build: Lightly built, with just enough muscle and tone to be healthy and attractive – but not intimidating. He’s got a lithe grace that is above average but not exceptional.
Clothes: Quality garb, often with a standard ruffled nobleman’s silk shirt open to the waist to reveal firm chest & abdomen, not too much by way of hair though. He prefers dark, solid colors – black, grey, brown, dark blue – and little embellishment. He wears thick-soled adventurer’s boots unless he’s ‘on the town’ – in which case he wears sharply pointed, polished boots with silver toe & heel caps. The only pops of color one might find upon his person are his crimson leather belt (masterwork potion belt), matching component pouch, and deep in his boots – socks in whatever bright colors he can find.
Favorite Color: Crimson; he’s been told it compliments his eyes
Hobbies: Reading (particularly adventure novels and treasure maps), getting attractive bed mates into his bed, trying to invent the fleshlight, cooking (making road grub edible)

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      Lorenzo (aka Ren, Big Mouth) LaFontainebleu has come to Port Peril in search of a guide who can take him into the Shackles and the Sodden Lands, to find the Gold Phoenix Aviary and Ammelon IV’s secret temple of Xanthuun. His great-grandfather, also called Lorenzo, who legend had it bore at least a quarter-measure of elvish blood, financed a trek to find the lost empire’s treasures, but was unable to go himself for he had crippled himself in a horse accident at seventeen. His son, Umberto who was Lorenzo’s grandfather, was too politically minded (and the country in too much turmoil) to waste time on such silly dreams and he passed his fervent political acumen onto Lorenzo’s father, Alfonso. But both Umberto and Alfonso died fairly young, and Great-Grandfather Lorenzo thrives still – though he is over 90 years old – so it was his namesake’s wandering spirit and lust for adventure that influenced young Ren.
      For his 22nd birthday, a day sacred to the young men of his noble house, for it is the day they reach their inheritance majority, Lorenzo the Elder bestowed upon his great-grandson his most prized possession. A treasure map which had been brought back from the deep south by the last of his commissioned adventurers – one Esteban Vergilia (not to be confused with Escobar Vellian, who is also famed for having reached and survived Xanthuun). Esteban’s map – which is well preserved but crudely drawn – details the exact location of Xanthuun, but it is coded with references to localities and landmarks that one could not decipher from the comfort of a plush lounge chair in a mid-range estate in Taldor. So off to The Shackles went our intrepid young man, his mind filled with fantastic tales of adventure, fortune, and exquisitely beautiful native folk with incredible skills in the most erotic of arts.
      Naturally, he could not go alone, so he recruited his childhood buddy, a half-orc named Bruno Mars (j/k) as the muscle, and caught passage on a cargo ship headed for Eleder that would make a call in Port Peril.
      ..and the story begins!

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Signed, Josie
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