The New Hotness

      The new hotness.
      I’m typing this blog on a brand, spanking new laptop. It really isn’t anything fancy, but it is awesome and I already quite adore her. I think her name will be High Majestrix Beatrice, mostest bad of all asses.
      Or not.
      Last year, Mark & I built new desktop machines after our previous ones (which had moved cross country with us twice) were ready to give up the ghost. Those were identical parts in identical cases. Somehow, a year later, his is running like a champ but mine was constantly shutting off without reason or warning. I’ve troubleshot it a dozen times with a dozen web sites and several friends who are smarter than I when it comes to hardware. It seems likely that it is a bad motherboard connection somehow shorting out randomly.
      I can’t use anything that doesn’t auto-save flawlessly – so I’ve been limited to writing in Google Drive or risk losing every word. I miss Scrivener, I miss lots of things.
      It made it impossible to play LOTRO with Mark – I’d go linkdead hourly at least. We couldn’t play Civ 3 together via LAN, because I’d drop all the time.
      Still, I was prepared to live with it. A new computer was far, far, far from budget.
      But a series of strange events lead to an opportunity and although I wanted to pull the trigger and buy it, money was tight so I hemmed and hawed. Then Mark pointed out it was my birfday this week, and *boom* a big, 17.3 inch ROG with glowing backlit red keys. It is everything I’ve wanted in a laptop for quite some time and I’m excited to start writing all over the place again.
      For now – I’m going to go start practicing getting my typing speed up because lappie keyboards are different from regular ones, even when they’re full-sized like this beeyotch is. Haha!

Signed, Josie
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