Live, from Vegas! (Updated)

      Vegas was HOT, guys.
      I mean, H-O-T! Burning hot. 110-113 every day. 90 or so every night.
      Walking through the outlet mall on Sunday with the sun burning down it felt like it might be a thousand degrees out there. I was pushing the double stroller with Micah up front and Elliana’s carrier in the back. Malakai was walking beside me, Evie leading the way with Ellie in her arms. We were on a mission to replace Mike’s sunglasses. Everything was going fine – despite the excessive heat – but then we made it back to the car and got the kiddos buckled in and the air conditioner running and OH SHIT! What happened to my wallet?! I can’t find my wallet! It was just in my pocket. Oh, these damn new shorts with the tiny pockets! FUCK FUCK FUCK! I can’t get on a plane without my ID. I only have the one copy!
      Evie told me to retrace our steps, hoping I’d get lucky and no one would have picked it up yet, and she’d follow me in the car. It was just too bloody hot to have those poor kids out in the sun again.
      I got out of the car, panicking, my heart in my throat; it was not on the ground outside the car. I was going to have to traipse all over hell and back in my flip flops and I was already feeling a little faint and nauseous – having not eaten at all yet.
      Then, as I turn back around to close the door, I see movement out of the corner of my eye and *boom!* the heavens open. Sitting innocently upon the seat, having just flopped over onto its back, was my new RFID-blocking wallet with my new, scarcely used credit card (exclusively to use on the trip if I needed anything) and my new, horrible photo-bearing ID card, and the cash I won with Mom on Friday which was all the money I have in the world, and my last good chapstick.
      Thank you Jesus! I was so scared.
      That was one of many, many, many silly little adventures we had over this vacation. Mom and I had Frozen Yogurt at “The Golden Spoon” (or as Malakai calls it, “goh-den poon”) – twice! The pistachio there was delicious, but the pistachio at “I Luv Yogurt” was only mediocre. Of course, “I Luv Yogurt” has the BEST decoration-theme ever! Evie and I and the three kids went there one night.
      Evie and I took the kids to church Sunday morning. It was a great service. I didn’t cry like a baby this time, but I was moved. Mom took me to Smashburger where I got to enjoy half of a BBQ Cheddar Bacon burger (with onion straws) and some bonding time with her. We went to the children’s museum one day and the boys got to play with so much cool stuff. The Clifford exhibit is the only one I shot photos of, because … it takes hands to play! But we had fun all over that place. Especially the train in the toddler room and the water room!
      There aren’t as many photos below as I’d hoped to take, because we were just too busy having fun.
      Still… here’s a few shots me and the family <3









Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Auntie Josie & Her Boys” by Josie

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