Independence Day

      It means a lot to me. But I realize how often I take it for granted. And how little of it we have in this modern world.
      You see, I’m feeling cynical in this new world. The newly-passed (okay – a week or so ago) “Brexit” vote, in which the citizens decided to leave the European Union has brought with it a wave of hate crime which is being characterized as “nationalism” instead of racism simply because some of the people being targeted are white (Polish) rather than brown/black/yellow/red/whatever.
      I guess exercising their democratic right is a good thing, even though I think it might be a mistake (or at least, motivated by hate/distrust instead of legit things). It marks their freedom from tyrannical EU policies, the euro, and of course – “immigrants”.
      In a few months, we’ll be voting for a new president here in the United States and I feel like our country is going the same way. Trump. Ugh. I don’t like this wave of xenophobia and misplaced hate. It scares me. It scares me for my precious little niece & nephews – there are SIX of them now, and all are multiracial. Did you know that?
      We’ll vote, but it won’t really change much. Unless it does. But honestly – at the end of the day, we’re all bound to the fiefdom. The corporations that own the government, own us. We have to work longer and longer hours for less and less pay. We have to be IN the system to live – you can’t get a job or a bank account to protect your money or anything without a state-issued ID number – but the to the system you’re nothing but a disposable number.
      God, this is becoming one helluva depressing rant.
      All I want to say – is that as we Americans celebrate our “freedom”, and we’re reminded to think of all those who have sacrificed so much for that freedom, maybe we should also stop and consider how “free” we really are and if it may be time to take back that liberty from our corporate overlords?
      …vive la revolution?

Signed, Josie

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