Doing It Mobile

Forgive any typos. I’m blogging from my phone in the bouncy back of a semi on rutted back roads with a fellow student driver in the driver’s seat.

Today started off so rough.

I failed utterly to land a single alley dock. I sucked so bad at sight-side parallel that I climbed out of the tractor in frustrated tears.

Then one of the other instructors offered me a slightly different technique for timing the parallel. After lunch, I gave it a try.


Successful (ugly, needed a third pull up and still wasn’t straight, but I was in the box).

The others weren’t ready for our afternoon road trip, so I snuck in another try.

Boom! Perfect. Honestly, it was probably a zero point manoeuvre!

I was feeling so much more confident.

Then we headed out on the road. Bitches, I pulled a super awkward roundabout like butter! My lane tracking was excellent. My up-shifting was great, and yes, my down-shifting was so improved! I had s couple perfect ones. So proud.

Can’t get over it. Was so excited! I’m really doing this. I’m really gonna be good at this!

… except alley dock. Fuck that maneuver.

Image is “Sunset Run” by Julian Boswell from SXC.HU

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