Character Sketch: Danny Rubicano

      Below you will find a verbose “character sketch” I wrote for an upcoming role-playing game our group is putting together. If the game goes anywhere, there may well be updates and recaps and short stories about their adventures. And, since I’ve got to make up back-up characters for this brutal Zombie campaign… there are more to come…
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Name: Danny Rubicano
Age: 30
DoB: January 2, 1983
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5’19”
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Shaved bald; grows out gingery and somewhat curly.
Eyes: Blue
Features: Fairly average looking; scruffy beard. Always wearing a bandana.
Build: Fit, strong. Not overly bulky
Clothes: Khaki cargo pants. Combat boots. White wife-beater tank. Customary Bandana.
Wallet Contents: Wallet. Cash, Cards, ID. Keys
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      Danny had a fairly uneventful childhood. His parents got divorced when he was six and one of his cousins was killed by a drunk driver when Danny was twelve. He got decent grades – mostly Bs – but he did not excel in any subject or sport. He was popular enough, within his clique, but no one would have voted him Mr. Congeniality.
      He went to the local community college and got his Associate’s Degree in Internet Technology. Before he knew it, he was working a nine-to-five job at a help desk for some major conglomerate and hating everything about the work; the people, the computers, the drudgery, the noise of office machines.
      To compensate for his mundane days, Danny took to spending his nights at various Casinos in the area. He wasn’t much of a bluffer, but he was fond of gambling – even when he lost… as he frequently did.
      A commercial for a local for-profit culinary academy caught his eye one night, when he was working the overnight shift to cover for some nineteen-year-old bonehead who seemed to be “sick” at least once a week. Lights went off in his brain and Danny made a command decision – he was going to be a chef.
      It made sense. He had always loved knives and grilling. Food was something everyone would need no matter what happened to the economy, and a guy who could make cheap cuts of meat sing like the finest filet mignon would be able to feed himself.
      Danny graduated in June of 2013 and began his apprenticeship at one of the finest restaurants in Baltimore, La Giardin. Then, one day in August, he is called home to Harrisburg, for a family emergency. It is a beautiful summer day as he buries his grandmother…

Signed, Josie
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