Insanity 2013: Day One

      Look, its November 1st.
      And I’m an NaNo’er. Which means, in short, that I shall be in short supply for the thirty days that follow this post. I may or may not have RPs to post, I cannot post snippets of my piece as I write under a pseudonym, and frankly – I thought I was going to be 100% prepared and ready to go, but somehow October slipped away from me and I switched projects with 9 days to go and ACK! I’m going to go insane. Utterly insane.
      Which is why I have dubbed November 2013, Insanity 2013. I shall do my best to continue to write and blog and post here, but I don’t have many pre-written pieces in my repertoire these days and every minute I have for writing in November really should go to finishing that novel, whatever it turns out to be.
      So, if all these every-other-day postings drop off, rest assured, I shall return come December. Hopefully, with a full novel freshly finished and shoved into a drawer to rest before editing it and releasing it until the world. MUAHAHAH…hah…
      But which project will it be? The love triangle set against a background of class warfare and revolution? The silly sci-fi romp on a vast city ship? The space shopgirl who got jilted by her gay fiancé? Something else? I have so many ideas… so many half-plotted, half-outlined, half-assed… ideas.
      We shall see. I’m writing this blog slightly ahead of time, but by the time it goes live, I will be opening my veins and pouring my blood onto the page.
      Not literally, but there is a famous quote from… uhhh…. Hemingway? I think, in which he said something akin to: Writing a novel is easy, just open your veins and bleed on the page. Which, is really redundant since I just wrote that in the previous paragraph. As I’m sure you can tell, I am tired and I am a little stressed out about NaNo 2013.
      Oh, anyways… enough babble! On to Day One! See you in 10,000 or so words…
      Just kidding.

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Edited NaNo Flair Button” by Me + the NaNo Crew

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