Character Sketch: Rizlin

      Below you will find a verbose “character sketch” I wrote for an NPC in a campaign of Kingmaker I have been running for my friends.
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Name: Rizlin Crestbronze
Age: 20
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown; long and wavy.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Features: Lovely, even features mark her as well bred, a perky-yet-ample bosom marks her husband a lucky man.
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      Rizlin was born into a powerful family, though a lesser branch of the tree. When she was small, there were so many other people ahead of her in “rank” that she rarely gave a thought to how her future would play out. Her father was killed in a tragic hunting accident when Rizlin was still in swaddling clothes, and her mother died in childbed before she was four. She became a ward of her brother’s father – her Uncle being the patriarch of House .
      By the time she was eight, and her older female cousins were being matched to noblemen from Brevoy and beyond, Rizlin realized what her fate would be. A keen observer with a logical, practical mind, Rizlin came to understand that when she was of appropriate and and status – and once a match had been found that was beneficial to her Uncle’s House she would be sent away, auctioned off as chattel.
      Determined to be more than simply a bargaining tool for her Uncle, at age twelve, Rizlin petitioned to be allowed to join the Temple of Abadar in New Stetven, there to study the law and to thus, be a more valuable member of House .
      Pleasantly surprised by her request, her Uncle agreed, but with the caveat that she be incognito and never reveal her true lineage to any. Lord had greater plans for his niece than she knew – for she was of the perfect age to marry the new Lord Regent, if he decided to side with the , and she was the perfect age to marry the heir, should he side with the Loyalists. Lord was torn and rather than make a rash decision, hiding Rizlin away in a monastery for a few years would suit him well.
      Rizlin took a common nickname for her given, Rizlynaia, and a the surname which belonged to her mother’s grandmother, Crestbronze. Bright and charming, Rizlin did well for herself, coming to the notice of the High Priest so much so, that when an up-and-coming mercenary company’s Abadar-worshipping leader came to him to recruit a Spiritual Guide and personal priest, he immediately suggested her.
      Joining Phoenix Rising was the first step on a journey that Rizlin could never have predicted, all those years ago when she realized what her future held….

Rizlin Abraxis

Note: Image used without express permission but with no claim toward ownership and no financial gain; Permission has been requested, linkback provided in the meantime.

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Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Vintage Seal 3” by hisks from

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