The Red List, Episode One

      This week’s List post is the RED list, a collection of facts about one of my bestest friends – reason why I love this person so very much, why they are amongst my dearest compatriots, and how they deal with the craziest tangerine this side of YouTube.
      So, today I am writing about the Happy Potato to my Sweet Tangerine. The Devon Blackfields to my Tangerine Sweetchild, the Flame to my Amber, the Doctor to my Donna… Timothy!

  • Sugalard.
  • Shared memories such as sitting in the office at the farm house for HOURS waiting for the Final Fantasy VIII trailer to download, laughing until we cried over Edea and Shiva and oh – remember when Esmerelda grew up in Xenogears and the weeks we bred Chocobos trying to get Xena, the Golden One?
  • Wit, unending. Laughter, contagious. Brilliance, astounding.
  • One year, for Christmas, he gave me an external hard drive – 1TB. Nice, right? Better still, he filled it to the gills with things he knew I loved (or should watch, because I would fall in love with it!): every Jem & The Holograms Episode, every Sailor Moon episode, and a little BBC show, which at that time, I had not ever really watched… Doctor Who.
  • He introduced me to fontina. On grilled cheese sammiches. Made with croissants.
  • We used to play barbies in the snow on the train tracks. Yep.
  • Beverly Hills Teens. And BHG. FOREVAH!
  • No matter how long or far apart we are, we are platonic (mostly, haha!) soulmates, best friends, bestest cousins, kindred spirits… besties & sisties.
  • For all of 2013 – and hopefully beyond – we have been frantic penpals, exchanging real, physical letters and it makes me feel so special. Much more intimate and detailed than a “Like” on Facebook.
  • Immense patience to deal with my crazies, my forgetfulness, my thoughtlessness… Tim is quite possibly one of the finest men to have ever lived and I am fortunate enough that he finds value in me.

Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “The Red List” by Josie

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