NaNo is Coming!

      NaNo is coming.
      I think I wrote about it recently, but maybe not. I don’t know anymore. All these blog posts are mixed up in my head and I’m easily confused.
      But one way or another, as the Starks say so often (sort of), “NaNo is coming…”
      November 1st will see me in Las Vegas, to finally meet little Baby Cuckoo (aka Micah Vann). I won’t be home until the 5th, and now that they’ve removed my downtime over nights completely, writing will be more difficult to squeeze in.
      But I’m determined to do it. I’m determined to get my 50k.
      So I’ll take this tablet and bluetooth keyboard and I’ll write wherever I can, whatever I can. But I will make it to 50k!
      I had a whole 500 word entry – but my autosave failed and ate it. So alas, I’ll sum up by saying that both Mark & I are going on hiatus to finish NaNo 2014.
      So I’ll be back in December.
      With a new novel to talk about!

Signed, Josie
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