For Shame!

      I am rather ashamed to admit that it has been over a year since I bothered to blog here. Since I bothered to update Rhiallis’ story or talk about gaming or babble about my life.
      No Venna photos. No stories about Mark singing about strawberries in the pooper (don’t ask, really). No tales of how life is going post-op. No bitching about work. No worries about my writing. Nothing!
      That is SHAMEFUL, Josie!
      So my goal for 2016 is to get back into blogging. Three days a week, that’s the goal. Three days a week, lots of information about my latest stories, my newest nephew (Micah!), our forthcoming niece (As-Yet-Unnamed Baby Girl Vann!), their oldest brother (Malakai), the three nephews on the Albert side (okay, they’re Ramos kids, but still, it counts!), our trip to Vegas this spring/summer, Venna, the new apartment, and a billion other silly things that I feel like ranting about.
      For now, I am feeling a little sad this morning.
      Twelve years ago, on 12/23/2003, I registered my first domain “” as a Christmas present from my then-fiancé (but I paid for it myself, had the idea to do it myself, and frankly – he had nothing to do with it). Today it expired. And I am not going to renew it.
      It is the end of an era.
      Granted, I haven’t blogged there in years, and I still have all the old files available to me. But still, it is sad. That’s a decade of my life on that website. Stories and thoughts and opinions and ramblings and jokes and graphics I edited (poorly) and learning and growing and *sigh*
      Rest in Peace, Solitary-Confinement(dot)com.
      This has been a season of letting go for me (more on that later) and today I exercise that again by “letting go” of some more baggage.
      I don’t need it.
      The memories are mine regardless of what website resides there.
      Merry Christmas, everyone!

P.S. Look for another redesign soon because this bitch is UGLY.

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