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      Yeah, I was a little ambitious in my “three times weekly” vow from last time, but who knows? I’ll work up to it. Life has been crazy and I have been watching too much to bother blogging at night. Or writing. Oops, so much for starting the new year with a bang of change.
      But hey! If I make the changes gradually, and they stick, well – that works too. Right? Bah! Justifications abound in my world. I can explain away anything! If I were a man, I’d be the world’s foremost expert on mansplaining. But anyway. Here’s today’s “Return to the Blog” post. Another silly list of things I stumbled across recently and frankly, while it may not be interesting at ALL to you, it is fun for me to stretch my narcissistic muscles and answer them. So, here goes.

Weirdly Specific “Get to Know Me” Questions

  • What is your go to flavor of salad dressing?
  • Blue Cheese, historically, has been my favorite and my default. Preferred even over the perennial childhood favorite – Ranch. These days, I mostly stick to “The Gazebo Room Balsamic Vinaigrette” because its shelf-stable, made with real ingredients, and crafted locally. However, presently in my fridge is a bottle of Hidden Valley Avocado Ranch, which is the most disconcerting green color, but which I really really like. A lot.

  • What’s the t-shirt you wear the most?
  • “Burgers, Boys, and Butts”, I think. It is a Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) pin-up-ish shirt that I love. We have a lot of geeky t-shirts these days, and now that I can comfortably fit into the ones I started buying for Mark – I wear them often. But I think Tina was the first one I bought for myself and the one I default to most often.

  • What TV show can you quote the most?
  • Firefly. No, wait. Xena. No, wait… Doctor Who (2005), series one through seven. Er… That’s a hard question. I don’t know. I’ll come back to it. No, I’m lying. I probably won’t.

  • Do you put your left shoe on first or your right?
  • If I have to sit down and put them on, or tie them: right. If I’m stepping into slip-ons: left.

  • What’s your study routine?
  • I haven’t studied in years. But my “writing” routine is thus: sit down to write, get distracted for hours. Or often it is: gather pens, pencils, paper, notes, tablet, et cetera; sit down to write; write three sentences; need to look something relevant up; spend an hour reading unrelated material; write three sentences; rinse repeat.

  • One sound you can’t stand?
  • This lady at work. Her voice. I have to review her calls nightly and OH MY GOD she has the bitchiest voice ever. I dread listening to her. D.’s lisp and B.’s whispers and K.’s double-talk-when-unsure – I’ll take all of those over listening to ONE call from this one lady. Ugh.

  • Hot showers or cold showers?
  • Cold as balls when its hot out. Hot as the sun when its cold out.

  • Breakfast or no breakfast?
  • Breakfast always. For dinner. For lunch. For breakfast.

  • What age were you given “the talk?”
  • I can’t remember a specific age, which is probably due to the fact that my parents were really good about telling us stuff young. We had a book (age appropriate) that explained where babies came from, really. I do remember, however, being very embarrassed in the seventh grade when I didn’t know what an orgasm was (misspoke and said “orgasm” instead of “organism” in Science Olympiad group). So, apparently the basics wasn’t quite enough?

  • Ice in drinks or no ice?
  • On the rocks! Or not. I can take it or leave it.

  • What’s one Halloween candy that you would hate getting as a child?
  • I was a fat kid, man. I wasn’t super discerning. I had favorites, and things I didn’t like “as much”. But it all got ate, man. Even the mini boxes of raisins. Eventually, it all made its way into mah belly!

  • Blue jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, or no pants at all?
  • Fuuuuuck. I lived in jeans for years. Then I got too fat and jeans were always uncomfortable for sitting. Or not allowed at work, as the case may be. Skinny jeans suck. Leggings are unflattering (but that never stopped me from wearing them, honestly). Shorts are… short. And although I don’t go out much, no pants (unless you can substitute in a skirt?) is not really an option for polite society at large. That being said, these days, I am pretty much in PJs 24/7 during the work week, and then in stretchy knit pants for gaming on the weekends. Now that I’m not in my super-fat phase and am working down a bit, I do put on jeans to go to the store though.

  • What’s one slang term you refuse to use?
  • YOLO. Also, bae. Though not because I object the way so many self-righteous people do on Facebook. I want to say I would never say things like “Bye Felicia” or “YAAAAAAAS” but I spent too many hours on Tumblr last year, so things I didn’t even realize I had picked up, fall out of my mouth sometimes.

  • Could you ever be a vegetarian?
  • If circumstances required it. Like, there was no more meat. Or it was outlawed. Or I would die or something…

  • Hardback, paperback, or e-books?
  • Books, period. But I find more and more I appreciate the physical copy over the ebook. And after moving, I never want another hardback again, but I’ll keep buying them because… reasons.

  • Would you rather go through the drive thru or go inside?
  • Drive-thru. Every time. Ugh. If a place has a drive thru, it is probably fast food and if its fast food, there are really very few reasons I’d ever go inside. If I walked there, okay. If I was in there waiting for my car to be done at the oil change place, okay. But mostly – no.

  • Do you keep your car/room neat or messy?
  • We have historically been messy people, Mark and I. Clutter, mail, laundry, junk – it goes all over. But not filth, thankfully. That being said, we’ve made a LOT of effort to keep the car (mostly) clean since we got it, and the new house, also. Not perfect, but way improved.

  • What’s the first app you check when you wake up?
  • I roll over, peek at the time on my cell phone, and if there are new emails, I often click on Gmail app to see what they are. Otherwise, the only apps I use on my phone are “Clue” (to track my period), “Chrome” to read internet news while I’m in the potty, and “1010!”, a puzzle game. Rarely do I use my WellsFargo app, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, or anything else. My phone is old, slow, and craptastic. I do, however, use several apps on my tablet. Facebook, yes. Also, TanTan (a Line! game). Netflix. DramaFever. HBO/Shotime/Starz/FX/FoodNetwork viewing apps. A writing guide. Chrome and Gmail, Google Drive.

  • If I looked in your wallet, what would I find?
  • Right now? A couple lottery tickets (the Powerball was like, 500 million Wednesday! Of course I bought a couple). A gift certificate for Texas Roadhouse Mark got from his company for being a veteran. Some change. My store loyalty cards for stores I rarely go to (the commonly used ones are on my keychain). A spare key for the house. My debit and credit cards. My BJ’s membership card. My driver’s license.

  • Spicy food or non-spicy?
  • I used to abhor spicy food. Couldn’t tolerate it at all. More and more, as I age and spread my culinary wings, I find I enjoy some spice. I like my yangyum chicken a solid medium, these days. Go me!

      What? That’s it? Bah. I only babbled for like, twelve hundred words. Sheesh, I’m getting complacent in my old age.
      C’est la vie. Next time, I’ll probably put in the next chapter of Rhiallis’ journey, because I think I’m up to part sixty something and the blog left off at… thirty or so, I think. Haha! Speaking of Rhiallis, I need to write an RP chapter about last session before next session (this Saturday), so I should get to moving!

Signed, Josie
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