Stank, the inevitable Sequel

      For those of you who follow this blog (and, bless your little heart for that!), you may remember the horrible thing that happened to Mark & I a few weeks ago. It STUNK and we were dreading the clean-up.
      Well, we dreaded it with good reason because Holy Mother of God, it was HORRIBLE. As expected.
      The only good thing about the snow day making us miss our garbage pick-up last week was that it has been so, so, sub-arctic here that everything inside the freezer (which was outside, on the patio) froze again. So although it was rotting and smelled like a dead body, at least it hadn’t gotten any worse in the past eight days.
      So tonight (well, by the time you read this, it’ll be last night, I guess), I donned protective gloves, my thickest jacket (because really, it is about 8 degrees – which is -10 with the wind chill), and headed out with two bags to do the deed.
      It was awful. Squishy and stinky and just horrible. The dog kept barking at people passing by and was scared to get close to me because I had used a headband to strap some papertowels (which were scented with some limited edition vanilla Glade spritz) to my face. I’m sure I looked both stupid, in general, and terrifying, to her.
      We lost so much of our stored-up meat. All those beautiful steaks! The few remaining pieces of Orgasmic Chocolate Cake! Two roasting chickens and like fifteen pounds of the good ground beef (not the grass-fed stuff, but the pretty decent lean stuff we got on sale awhile back).
      I wept.
      I dry heaved.
      I did not vomit.
      And then we dumped a bunch of remaining bleach into the freezer, dragged the stinky bags out to the curb (sorry, trash guys – really, so sorry), and for now – the deed is done. Its too cold and we’re out of bleach, so cleaning it out will have to wait for a warmer (ugh) day.
      Still, at least the worst part is done.
      Note to Self (again): The RED LIGHT is a BAD THING, Nubby!

Signed, Josie
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