Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Idea

      Today’s snippet, titled “Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Idea”, is a piece I wrote about my PC in Mark’s evil Pathfinder Campaign.
      Be forewarned, there are mature themes and naughty language below.
– – – – – – – – – – –
      “Trust, huh?”
      Nyx looked at Dae for a long moment, then nodded. His skeptical tone echoed her own worries. He could read her like a book and she knew it.
      “You… already told her everything, didn’t you?”
      “Not- Not everything, Dae. Give me some credit.”
      He smirked, wetting his lips and for about the billionth time, she wondered why he was content to spend his days with her. Nikodemos was probably the most attractive male she had ever seen – any woman would be lucky as all the Hells to bed down with him. She tilted her head, smiling at him as she stroked her index finger along his jawline.
      “Why are you still with me, Dae?”
      He touched her hand, pressing it to his lips. “What do you mean, you silly bitch? Where else would I be?”
      Hesitating. Nyx was not sure how to ask and she withdrew her hand. “Chasing our ancestry to Port Peril, all this with the lost city of Ip, that last job with Xiaoxi Ru… all of these are my goals, my choices, my problems. You could be like, anywhere, doing anything. You’re like – the smartest guy… and so clever with jewelry. Sincerely, Dae, like, that replacement pendant you made is like, amazing.”
      “Thanks, Nyx.” Nikodemos shook his head, chuckling to himself. “Look, you’re my sister. Your adventures are my adventures.”
      “That is like, a total cop-out.”
      “Yes, yes it is.”
      Nyx growled at him and whirled, rising to her feet. With hardly a word, she sent three arrows of glowing white energy screaming across the room at him. He rolled to his feet in the same heartbeat, landing in a defensive position with feline grace. Each of the arrows died an inch from his flesh with a whumf; the brooch at his throat flashed in response.
      A strangled cry of anger and sorrow ripped free from her throat.
      “Damn it, Nikoleta, what the fuck is wrong with you?”
      “Why what?”
      Her voice came out hoarse and shrill. “Why are you here?
      There were tears in her eyes when he stepped over to her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. “Oh, by all the Old Ones, you are really are a stupid cow, aren’t you? How can you even ask that, Nyx? You’re my sister, like, my twinned soul. Wherever you go, that’s what I want to be.”
      “Why am I crying like a baby?” Nyx wiped her face against his silken shirt, knowing it would piss him off, but feeling persnickety and vindictive in addition to helplessness. “Fuck, this is like, the worst day ever.”
      “I don’t even know what’s gotten into you.”
      “A bad idea. A terrible, no good, very bad, horrible idea.”
      Dae lifted a brow, “Nyx…?”
      And then it all came spilling out. How many wrinkles she feared she had developed since the deck’s God ate her ioun stone, how little Gehsan had come up with a twisted, brilliant idea to be young and gorgeous for centuries (and beyond, with all those years to investigate other options), how the dagger had pierced the halfling’s heart and how the scroll had brought her back – only altered. She told him how she Gehsan had agreed to do the same for her, if she wished, and how she had already dreamt up the elven face she would wear if it happened.
      “…but if I went through with it, I wouldn’t be- I wouldn’t be Nyx anymore. I wouldn’t be your twin.”
      Dae scoffed shaking his head. “Nyx, sometimes you surprise me with your like, naivety. Don’t be a fool, sister. Your face could like, take a thousand different shapes – all totally fucking beautiful, naturally – but you will always be my twin – our souls are like, entwined.”
      She frowned. “Like, sincerely?”
      “Like, totally.”
      The siblings exchanged a smile and Nyx wiped her tears, feeling stupid and ashamed.
      “You shouldn’t do it though,” he said, stroking her hair.
      “Why not?”
      “She may think she can control the form she takes, but there’s no guarantee you wouldn’t reform as some cock-thrusting bugbear warrior.”
      Chuckling, she nodded once more. “I’d still be your sister though.”
      “That’s why I’d cry after I put you down.”
      Nyx leaned her head against his shoulder, hugging him. He would not hesitate, if the situation called for it. For all that she considered him the moral compass, the good twin – sometimes she had to realize that he was even more ruthless than she.
– – – – – – – – – – –
Signed, Josie
Note: Image is “Design Explosion 1” by (flaivoloka) from SXC.hu

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