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      Well, another day, another meme-themed entry.
      I realized recently that although I mention Mark frequently, I don’t have a lot of photos of us on my blog (or, ever at all anywhere because… we just don’t do photos much) and I don’t talk too much about him specifically.
      So today’s entry – just a bunch of stuff about him, because… why not? This started with a meme a cousin posted on Facebook (obvs) in which the “ladies” were supposed to answer these about their dudes and then the dudes chime in the comments to see how ‘right’ they were. Like a modern day Newlywed Show, I guess. So everything I write will be verified by Mark (I’ll mark Mark’s answers in red or something to differentiate.) Oh! Did I tell you I had a dream last night in which my Mom and I were looking at houses to buy and we found one with tons of space and arranged to see it, but when we got there the previous owners (who were going to be showing us around) had a HUGE FUCKING SIX FOOT TALL gorilla living in a small glass enclosure in the FUCKING LIVING ROOM and when Mom said “Let him out!” the enclosure opened, the house owner freaked out and I hid in a bathroom – where my biggest concern was that the SINK AND TOILET were matching hideous OLIVE GREEN porcelain? No? I didn’t tell you that before. It just happened. It was great.

  1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching?
  2.       The Walking Dead. A slew of new shows right now (Berlin Station, Paranoid, Sweet Vicious, Good Girls Revolt). Teen Wolf.
          Yeah. That’s about exactly right.

  3. Usually, what dressing does he eat on his salad?
  4.       Balsamic Vinaigrette?

  5. Name a food he hates.
  6.       …I honestly cannot think of anything and I know that’s trouble because I should know this.
          Lima beans. Cannot stand LIMA beans!

  7. Name a food he loves.
  8.       Gravy. Haha. Steak, chicken, potatoes. Graham Cracker Pie.
          Yeaaaaaah, there you go baby. You know me so well. (Note: I think he’s being a little sarcastic, haha)

  9. You go out to have a drink, what would he drink?
  10.       Well, we don’t drink anymore. But back in the day, Yuengling Lager. Recently, a Sam Adams.
          If I went out now? Just a diet cola.

  11. Favorite Music?
  12.       Classic Rock. Some 80s metal. A little country. Some bluegrass. Everything on his new Pirate-themed playlist.
          Heh. Yup yup yup.

  13. What is his nickname for you?
  14.       Nubby.
          *he nods* Dunno why you’re looking at me, that’s right.

  15. What is something he collects?
  16.       He has a few little collections: his classic DnD books, his Slayers and Buffy comics, brass decor from his Dad.
          Seems right. Maybe you’d consider Pathfinder figures. That’s it, really. I’m not a big collector of things.

  17. Where would he go on vacation, if money wasn’t an issue?
  18.       Greece, was always on the list. Now, he’d probably stick closer to home.
          The Outer Banks. Greece would’ve been, ultimately, the place to go – before things went sideways.

  19. What is his favorite breakfast food?
  20.       Jesus – that’s hard. I’ll go with Eggs Over Easy… but honorable mention to country fried steak and bacon and sausage and sausage gravy.
          *laughs* Yeah. Exactly.

  21. What would he never wear?
  22.       …he’s got better taste than me. But I think Skinny Jeans?
          Yeah, I’d never wear skinny jeans.

  23. What is his favorite sports team?
  24.       Haha – go sportsball! Score a point! (That’s a joke from Oatmeal, about guys who don’t really do sports). I mean, I guess the team his dad played for in college. Or the Mariners or Seahawks if pressed, maybe, because they’re “mine”?
          Usually my favorite team is the preferred team of the moment. If everyone is rooting Eagles, I’m rooting Eagles, et cetera.

  25. What is something that you do that he wishes you didn’t?
  26.       Oh Lord. This list is too long. Everything. Haha.
          That’s not true. Definitely not everything, holy crap.

  27. What’s his favorite animal?
  28.       I want to say Dogs. But I think maybe like, hawks. Or maybe like… dogs?
          Hawk actually used to be my favorite animal! Dogs is a good answer though.

  29. What could he spend all day doing?
  30.       Pathfinder. Video games (Civ 3, LoTRO, WhO, etc). Sleeping.
          Playing with your boobs.

  31. What is his favorite part of you?
  32.       Boobs. Just kidding, I hope its my heart and my widdle nubby soul.
          I like your brains.

  33. What is important to him?
  34.       God & Faith. His marriage. His family. Teasing his poor wife mercilessly forever.
          Yep, that’s about right.

  35. What is something he hates the most?
  36.       Liars. People saying “God Damn” things.
          *he nods* Yep.

  37. What is his favorite color?
  38.       Earth tones.
          *he laughs* That’s true.

  39. What would he do with a winning lottery ticket?
  40.       Buy a house for us, for both our moms, make college funds for all our niblings, drive around giving $1000 tips to wait staff, charity charity charity. Oh, and pay off our debts, derp.
          Yeah. Sounds about right.

      So, that’s done. He was mostly patient and played along, haha. Now you know all about my precious husband. Happy? Good. Thanks for playing along, baby.
      Of course. Love ya.
      Love you too, nerd.

Signed, Josie
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