Gaming Update

      I will have lots more RPs to post in the coming weeks. I’ve got months built-up. But…
      Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Lorenzo was awesome fun in the Skulls & Shackles campaign.
  •       …but he was Chaotic Neutral and SUPER anti-slavery, so the pirate life didn’t suit him. After the crew of the Stormborn cracked The Rock and took control of the keep, he was asked to stay behind and rule it as Governor in Maeve’s stead.

  • H. “Bo” Bohannon, a skilled tattoo artist/thief/sailor with a few magical tricks popped in.
  •       ..and right back out. After Lorenzo’s exit, I brought in a witch called Bo, and she joined with the crew of the Stormborn. I totally loved her (I’m sure her background story will show up in the coming days & weeks) but she died in the FIRST session I ever played. A massive gear blocked the path into the dungeon and required several acrobatics rolls to get through it – I have never rolled so many natural 1s in my life!

  • Next came Haruka Shiyumiata, an oracle with some serious hubris.
  •       She was also (secretly) a Kitsune (fox-lady) from Tian-Shu. A noblewoman born, she fled her homeland, sailed with pirates, and joined with the Stormborn to complete their first big task (the dungeon that killed Bo) so that she could grow in power and fame. Her goal was to have her name written amongst the stars! She took up with a suave buccaneer named Pierce (I think, its been awhile) and helped Maeve & the crew push toward greatness!

  • We subsequently stopped playing Skulls & Shackles
  •       In truth, I never really love non-good games. I prefer to play the hero, but c’est la vie. It was a good run anyway. There are some fun RP stories to post, also.

  • Rhiallis… continues to angst her way across the Worldwound. We had some fucking GREAT sessions and a lot of death and mayhem.
  •       There was a mega-boss-fight in a collesseum in which several PCs had deaths… including Rhiallis, who was DEAD dead. But got resurrected. There’s more RP angst to publish about it.

  • Sadie fucked some demons at a brothel in the Abyss
  •       But we don’t know about that IC (I think one RP had Rhiallis knowing, but we ret-conned that in-game after I’d already written it, so it stands in the story, but not in canon…)

  • I ran some of them on The Emerald Spire, as a filler game when no one else could run.
  •       It was fun. I’d love to get a group to the bottom one day. Instead, I’ve cannibalized some of its secrets for the Not-Gnome Campaign.

  • Another one-off session happened a couple weeks/months later, and I ran an AWESOME one-off game about some high level characters at a Wizard’s school.
  •       Hogwarts, it was not. Spectacularly fun, it was.

  • To replace the Skulls & Shackles, I started running my Not-Gnome Campaign, though I’m not ready.
  •       We’re two or three sessions in and they PCs are not quite level 3, they’ve been travelling overland for weeks, and somehow they’re all still having fun with the game. They’re not really sure what’s coming, but they know they’ll be RICH as FUCK when they arrive in Korvosa.

  • But the secrets will come fast and furious once they arrive.
  •       …if they arrive, because now we’re going over the road, so who knows if/when we’ll be able to game again.

      So that’s the update, for now. We’ve got some really great, colorful characters in The Not-Gnome Campaign (officially titled: The Flameswan Campaign, aja TFSC) and I hope the players write a little bit about them so I can share it. In the meantime, I spent November writing 20k of 50k for NaNo about a western fantasy and earning my CDL, so I’ve just got no spare time for writing about RP characters at the mo…

      More later.

Signed, Josie

Image is “The Orb” but I can’t find the original.

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